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Paul Frank


Aerial view (right).  Presentation renderings with corresponding store images (below)

Retail Store, Quiksilver

Vail, CO

with Roger Russell Design

Design consultant, presentation documents

Combining warm materials with crafty fixture design and selection, stores for multiple cities were designed in concert.  The challenge for the series was to employ a consistent vein that could also flex to highlight site-specific features and locational themes at each location.

With design of this cobbled nature often difficult to envision, a primary endeavor for this project was to develop accurate and captivating renderings of the space and its various components.  These visualizations became useful in obtaining client approval at each phase, proving to be fairly reliable depictions of the ultimate environments.

At the Vail site, fixtures suggesting piled and banded lumber echo the farms and lodges of rural Colorado, while carefully selected furnishings reflect the vibrant energy of the more immediate city.  These vying brand motifs are situated along with curated installations that collage archival company artifacts, vintage finds, and original artwork.

For a well-composed design, wall elevations became a useful canvas for elements and textures to be arranged and revised until the various showroom areas read cohesively.  Equal attention was given to the detailing of various display fixtures throughout, custom fabricated for each store location.   

Elevations (left).  Presentation rendering with corresponding store image (above)


Retail Store, Ripcurl

Huntington Beach, CA

with Studio Concepts

Becher+ Architecture (AOR)

Project designer / management

Built as the surf company's U.S. flagship store, emphasis is placed on fluid forms and tactile finishes.  The requirements for accessibility were embraced in the design, flanking both sides of the space with ramps, and transforming the railings into featured elements that wrap continuously to become product hang-bars in various locations.

Curves forms define the elevated deck, lighting soffit, and screen partitions as they meander throughout the space.  The semi-transparent screens are stained plywood, while the deck and stair risers are faced with a recycled wood composite.  The custom-bent tubing and window display frames are clear-coat steel.  Together, these raw materials provide sharp contrast with the colorful products and branding.  The brightly upholstered circular lounge anchors the deck, providing a direct view of the central video wall.

Images & preliminary design sketches (above, left & below)

Photos ©Noelle Bouman, Images By Noelle

Detailed railing sketch (left), & design rendering (above)

Retail Store, Paul Frank

Las Vegas, NV

with Studio Concepts

Project Designer / management

After designing numerous Paul Frank stores worldwide, these two locations became more refined variants to the company's playful environments. Moving beyond the primary elements of gridded walls and radius furniture, these projects took advantage of fresh building shells to elevate the level of design detail.  

The Las Vegas store expanded on the previous stores' thick, 'cloud-like' ceiling elements.  Reflecting the skew between the store space and the façade, a series of soffits jag from the rear to the front, where the final form breaks the plane of the storefront to present the back-lit company signage.

Powdercoated metal paneling encases this entry canopy like a segmented pier, extending inside to house illuminated displays.  Farther back, two curving volumes are set-off the wall and clad in vertical grain doug fir.  These elements help define the check-out area, and separate the showroom from the stockroom.

Elevation & aerial view (left) showing soffit placement

Rendering (above)  & image (below) of store façade

Interior images & section (below & left), showing offset doug fir display wall

Retail Store, Paul Frank

Costa Mesa, CA

with Studio Concepts

Giorgio Barroso, Schematic Design

Design development / build team

Further honing the level of detail and custom installation, the task for the South Coast location became the successful merger of formal expression with functional construction.  The wood veneer and colorful laminates are used separately to help differentiate the two opposing display walls within this 'linear space.

The design includs a number of custom operable components;  canted drawer sliders, rolling egg-shaped units, and matrix of display 'pucks' are some of the features that required thoughtful detailing for the design to be realized as intended. 

Images of various display systems (above, right)

Display elevations, and storefront image (below)

Integrated shelving at canted grid wall (below) 

Executing functional components required particularly careful coordination between the fabrication team and the developing building shell construction.  This ensured that all electrical and blocking elements were properly located, to receive the shop-fabricated fixtures during the installation phase.

Detail sections, design rendering & images of the Las Vegas store (above, left & below)

A series of stores were designed as variants of a related design palate, catering to the specifics of their locations.  Utilizing a minimal material aesthetic and clean lines, much of the attention is placed on casework and lighting details to highlight the product.

The Las Vegas store features a dropped soffit that penetrates the storefront glazing.  Inside, it conceals light sources illuminating both the douglas fir ceiling joists and the sidewall hang bars.  This 'men's side' is defined by stained maple casework above oak flooring, while the 'women's' is characterized by white lacquered displays and maple tops, above a concrete floor finish.  At the entry wall, a custom Caesarstone slab has been treated with a custom silkscreen graphic, and installed adjacent to the large wood pivot door.  

Retail Stores, James Perse

Las Vegas, NV

with Standard, 

Creative Design Architecture, Inc. (AOR, Las Vegas)

Design / Construction management

Images (above & below) & details (lower/right), from the New York men's store

Retail Stores, James Perse

New York, NY

with Standard

Darci Oberly (AOR, New York)

Design / Construction Management 

The Manhattan store is a two-level space, divided into a long showroom and fitting room at street level, with a smaller lounge'-like showroom and adjacent fitting rooms up a half-floor stairway.  The built-ins were carefully situated around the irregular building envelope to maintain the interior's clean lines.  The display casework for this men's store is constructed using mahogany, with a dark finish.  The upper cabinets add to the contrast between these dark elements and the well-lit niches and reclaimed oak flooring that runs through the store.

Photos ©Benny Chan, Fotoworks

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