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Apartment renovation (renderings)

Newport Beach, CA

with Better Shelter

Barn door

Warrenton, OR

with Cathy Pack

Apartment renovation

Manhattan, NY

with Chapman Associates

Guesthouse & office addition

Los Angeles, CA (Schematic Design)

Home renovation

Englewood, NJ


Savannah, GA (proposed)

Pool & poolhouse

Los Angeles, CA

with Standard

This project involved nestling a linear pool and poolhouse into the rear yard embankment along Mulholland Drive. A vegetated roof was proposed adjacent to the new patio configuration, further adding to the yard's inhabitable area.

Studio & guesthouse

Los Angeles, CA

This addition became an exercise in space planning and code navigation to optimize the potential for the property.  The effort yielded a southern-facing shed roof, allowing for solar panels and a rain collection system.   The balcony level houses sleeping quarters, while clerestory glazing permits additional ambient light to the ground floor.

Home & gallery

West Hollywood, CA (proposed)

The program for this project was to enlarge a mixed-use gallery space originally designed by Irata Isozaki.  The colorful geometric language was kept in-play in the multiple offerings for an addition to the existing second-level, which varied considerably in their massing, circulation, and articulation.


Shelter Island, NY

with Roger Bennett Architect

Sited above The Long Island Sound, this home required careful detailing around nearly every component to achieve its swooping lines and thoughtful expression.  An expansive interior space connects the wide view along the bluff with a more intimate perch in the woods, which culminates as a bridge resting on a sixty ton boulder. 


Apartment renovation (renderings)

Los Angeles, CA

with Benjamin Clavin Architect

Music Studio (renderings)

Los Angeles, CA

with AO Architects

Home renovation

Pasadena, CA (proposed)

with Maria Gabriel

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