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Mem Gym

Urban study, Provision/Projection

Los Angeles, CA

Tim Durfee & Coy Howard (advisors)

Facade Design, Variable Wall

Los Angeles, CA

Performance Envelopes seminar

Product design:


Parking Kiosk, Loaded Revolver

Philadephia, PA

Proposal for  Design Philadelphia's [spot] competition,

In response to Philly's call for utilizing urban parking spots as temporary public installations, this design proposes a physical interface for the sharing of business cards.  The kiosk is comprised of two sets of revolving tracks, each accessible to the public from various travel modes.

Playground Design, ThaiRLand

refugee school, Thailand

Propsoal for A4H's Open Play Competition

with Jisun Lee.  Awarded runner-up

Given a limited budget, this playground design set-out to maximize ways that local access to tires could be used to create objects, surfaces, and enclosures on the site.  Tires are stacked, buried, cut in various ways, stitched, bolted, and filled to assemble the playground design.  The use of bamboo is also emphasized, as a prevalent local resource.

Gallery Installation, The Slots

Los Angeles, CA

Proposal for L.A. Forum's Liner Competition

with Jisun Lee

This budget-sensitive design to renovate The L.A. Forum calls for rolling gondolas detailed with re-configurable components.  Their site-specific geometry allows them to assemble for a variety of different 'micro-programs' within the space. Modularity and material flexibility trump any overriding aesthetic theme, with much of the project possible using standard shop stock.


Two Pavilions: The Limboretums

Los Angeles, CA

Proposals for Steedman Fellowship

World Map, Dymaxion Redux

Proposal, Buckminster Fuller Institute

Public Structure, Opticon

Whittier, CA

Tom Buresh & Diane Guthrie studio

Diving & Climbing Facility, Mem Gym

Charlottesville, VA

Charles Meneffee studio

The proposed gym expansion was an older academic project, rekindled more recently to explore the ideas with new perspective.  A supplemental goal for revisiting the work was to advance visualizations of the design's content and themes through the use of modeling software unavailable during the original effort.

Mobile on-site station

William Sherman studio

Pavilion for The Perennial Present

Queens, NY

for National Trust's NY State Pavilion

Library Infill, Chassis Chic

Los Angeles, CA

with Jisun Lee

Loaded Revolver
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