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Les Petits



The Timely Sketch

Personal series

These are examples from a currently defunct personal series - posted daily for two years and intermittently afterward.  The content and medium is varied based on inspiration and time availability.  Some entries establish more developed themes for the week, while many remained rapid and unrelated scribbling.

This band wanted their debut album art to become a homage to the band’s hometown of San Francisco.  The two spreads depict a streetscape view on the cover, and an aerial view for the centerfold - both taking subtle cues from Grateful Dead LP art of decades earlier.

Cover Artwork

The New Yorker

Proposals for Condé Nast's Your Eustace competition

Nine submissions were created for the New Yorker's annual Your Eustace competition, where the public is invited to contribute hypothetical cover art.  The entries can be playful, critical, satirical, or otherwise, with these submissions touching in-part on all of these moods.

Wedding announcements

Lake Mohawk, NJ

Commissioned to create all print components for a wedding, a key developmental factor became the desire to minimize the amount of mailed paper.  Arriving at stained glass-influenced imagery, the primary graphics were designed around standard card-stock. This enabled the cards and mailers to become one-in-the-same, without the need for envelopes.

Event posters

Elysian Park Open

Picnic & croquet tournament, Los Angeles

Sixteen years of posters have been created for this annual event held in Los Angeles. Continually evolving in their presentation, the posters often share themes common to burgeoning summer, casual sport, site-specific references, and a sprinkling of the fantastic.



A hypothetical occurrence at Whittier, CA 

As part of a larger project aimed at generating new architecture around the city of Whittier, these storyboards animated themes discovered during a lengthy analysis phase. The crux of the conjured narrative centers around interplay between downtown, the nearby memorial park, and the industrial ravine connecting the two.

For a debut album and its sequel, album artwork was created with the main goal of capturing the energetic content of the music. Intended as an fun way for kids to learn French, illustrations of the children vocalists were themselves incorporated into the artwork as colorful texture-fills.

Napkin sketches

for Architectural Record

Illustrations, Dancers

Limited print digital artwork

Marketing copy,

INNOV8 Dance School

Conceptual rendering,

Library of the Unconscious

Ink and pencil on collaged print

Travel sketches


Rendering, Lissitsky


Promo poster,

The Next Cassavetes

for a film by Stefan Lysenko

Event poster, Bulkhead Funk...

Kelly's Mission Rock

San Francisco, CA

Signage illustrations,

Animal Restaurant

Los Angeles, CA

Timely Sketch
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